Chelsea Titus

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Genetics Assistant – Resource Sciences
Missouri Department of Conservation
226 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri

email: cltggb<at>



Research Interests:
I am an undergraduate in Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri. As I finish my last year in school, I will be working as a genetics assistant for the Missouri Department of Conservation. This position allows me the opportunity to work on varying  projects that focus on different species allows. I hope to pursue a career that uses genetics as a tool to work toward conservation goals. Ultimately, I hope to obtain a Master’s degree in a related field.

Previously, I have worked with anthropology PhD Candidate Rachel Munds to investigate the evolutionary history of Lorisidae primates (Arctocebus, Loris, Nycticebus, and Perodicticus). We also looked at their phylogeny in relation to genes that influence coat color/patterning to better describe their taxonomy. Since all Lorisidae primates are CITES protected, we are working with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and participants of their Lorisidae Species Survival Plan program.

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Chelsea Titus’ CV

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