Austin Lynn



PhD Candidate
Division of Biological Sciences
201 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO  65211
e-mail: amlqb4 <at>



I am a grad student studying under Dr. Candace Galen. I routinely visit the Eggert lab to conduct genetic work and learn modern ecological genetics techniques and theory.  My research deals with plant breeding systems, invasive species ecology and plant-microbe interactions.  I am also passionate about ARCgis, field work, science outreach, and teaching.

My dissertation projects are centered on native and exotic Taraxacum (dandelion) species that exist in parapatry in the southern Rocky Mountains.  In the field, I explore differences in pollination and other symbiotic interactions between sexual and apomictic (clonally reproducing) dandelions.  My current project is investigating how hybridization with an exotic congener impacts the breeding system and fitness of a native Taraxacum species.