Undergrads at Life Science Week 2016

Our wonderful ChelseaT_LSW2016 [176844]undergrads, Chelsea Titus and Ben Hendrickson presented their research at Life Science Week 2016 at the University of Missouri.

“Life Sciences Week is a university-wide event that celebrates life sciences research performed by undergraduate, graduate, professional students, faculty and staff across MU’s life sciences colleges.” – University of Missouri

Chelsea’s research  investigates the evolutionary history of Lorisidae primates (Arctocebus, Loris, Nycticebus, and Perodicticus) and its relationship to genes that BenH_LSW2016 [176843]influence coat color and patterning.

Ben’s research focuses on the historic genetic diversity of short leaf pine, Missouri’s only native pine tree, across its distribution. Ben works with the Missouri Department of Conservation to determine if current management practices have properly captured the historic genetic diversity.

If you missed their presentations today feel free to visit them at Undergraduate Creative Research Forum on April 26th 2016 in the Bond Life Sciences Center. Both Ben and Chelsea will be showing their research, and the event is open to the public.