Rebecca Mowry


Division of Biological Sciences
226 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO  65211

e-mail: ram5g8<at>



Research Interests

I obtained my M.S in Fisheries and Wildlife Science in 2010 co-advised by Dr. Eggert and Dr. Matthew Gompper. My project involved genotyping river otter (Lontra canadensis) scat samples collected along sections of eight rivers in Missouri to obtain a population estimate and build a model to predict abundance based on latrine site indices (e.g. scats per mile, scats per latrine). I also examined the genetic structure of the otters to evaluate genetic diversity and gene flow among the different rivers.

I currently work as a technician/lab manager for the Eggert Lab, assisting students and managing the lab work for a Wildlife Conservation Society-funded project evaluating Asian elephant populations in Laos and Cambodia (with Dr. Ruiz-Lopez). Like the otter project, one of the goals of this research is to distinguish individuals and estimate population size based on genotypes obtained from dung samples of wild elephants.

Prior to and following my graduate research, I have been involved in a number of field-based carnivore research and recovery projects, including a bobcat/coyote movement study in southern California, Mexican wolf recovery in the Southwest, bear habitat use in Yellowstone National Park, and mountain lion predation in Colorado. I am primarily interested in using traditional and non-invasive methods to study wildlife populations that are being affected by the growing human population (including habitat degradation, illegal harvesting, and habituation) so that agencies can develop and implement appropriate management and public education strategies toward the long-term maintenance of healthy wildlife populations.


Mowry, R.A., M.E. Gompper, J. Beringer, and L.S. Eggert. 2011. River otter population size estimation using noninvasive latrine surveys. Journal of Wildlife Management 75(7):1625-1636.