Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson photo [495610]


Genetics Assistant – Resource Sciences
Missouri Department of Conservation
226 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
e-mail: michelle.anderson<at>mdc.mo.gov

Education: B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife, 2014, University of Missouri


Research Interests

As the Missouri Department of Conservation genetics assistant, I was fortunate to work on multiple projects studying multiple species. I studied the genetic relatedness of six stygobitic (cave-dwelling) crayfish from the genus Cambarus inhabiting the Ozark and Springfield Plateaus. I utilized mitochondrial sequencing and microsatellite fragment analysis to determine the genetic structure of lake sturgeon in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. In addition, I trained and supervised an undergraduate at the University of Missouri on a project addressing the historic genetic diversity of shortleaf pine across Missouri. Other duties included performing forensic analyses for law enforcement purposes, maintaining the lab supplies, and assisting in the collaborative development of a sample inventory database to be implemented department wide.

I graduated from the University of Missouri with a B.S. in Fisheries in Wildlife in 2014. During my undergraduate career I completed an independent research project in Dr. Lori Eggert’s lab studying the latitudinal association of den chronology and allele frequency of two genes putatively involved with hibernation, FTO and CLOCK, in the American black bear. We concluded that the variation in denning entrance and emergence times observed between bears found in northern latitudes versus southern latitudes was mostly likely due to phenotypic plasticity. After completing my independent research project I worked as an undergraduate lab technician for the U.S. Geological Survey generating data testing the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) and real-time PCR to test for the presence and/or absence of invasive Asian carp species.

Michelle Anderson’s CV

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