Harith Al-Warid

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Posdoctoral Fellow, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences 302 ABNR

Board Member Webpage and Social Media Chair, University of Missouri Postdoctoral Association

University of Missouri Columbia MO 65211 USA

email: alwaridh@missouri.edu



Research Interests

I am broadly interested in parasitology, including:

  1. Immunization against Leishmaniasis .
  2. Experimental parasitology
  3. Prevalence and epidemiology of parasites in Iraq, including Toxoplasma,Giardia, Entamoeba histolytica, Enteroboius vermicularis andCryptosporidium
  4. Parasite – Endocrine interactions
  5. Public awareness of parasitic diseases
  6. Anemia and its relation with parasites

For my Postdoctoral research, I am working on a collaborative project between the Gompper and Eggert labs.  We are studying the prevalence and genetic diversity of Baylisascaris procyonis.  We will use genetic approaches to assess the genetic variability of individual nematodes with hosts to test the hypothesis that high infection loads are the result of single infection (versus multiple or repeated exposure events to ova).

Harith Al-Warid’s CV

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