Emily Brocato

Brocato_PosterResearch Specialist
University of Missouri DNA Core Facility
Columbia, MO  65211
e-mail: emilyrbrocato<at>gmail.com

Research Interests

Emily Brocato is a research specialist at the University of Missouri DNA Core Facility. She conducts Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis work, and uses sequencing analysis and molecular techniques knowledge to assist researchers with troubleshooting.

Emily spent 3 years in Dr. Eggert’s lab. Her past research has included population genetic analysis on ringed salamander (Ambystoma annulatum, a species of concern), spotted salamander (A. maculatum), and marbled salamander (A. opacum) populations in Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Additionally, she completed research to determine the effects of sampling different life stages of salamanders in genetic analysis work.

Emily Brocato’s C.V.