Amanda Prasuhn

Prasuhn Photo [186863]

Legal Fellow
Center for Biological Diversity
Oakland, CA

e-mail: aprasuhn<at>

Amanda joined the Eggert lab during her undergraduate career in August of 2009. While in the Eggert Lab, Amanda was a participant in the Hughes Reserach Fellowship, and was using nuclear intron data from the African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) to infer the species phylogeny using DNA from noninvasive dung samples. She also participated in the Amgen Scholars Program at UC Berkeley and the Life Sciences Undregraduate Research Opportunity Program at the University of Missouri.

Since working in the Eggert lab and graduating with a BS in Biological Sciences from Mizzou in 2012, Amanda attended Stanford Law School and graduated with a JD (Juris Doctor) in 2015 and she is currently an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California.

Amanda is currently a Legal Fellow at the Center for Biological Diversity in Oakland, California. She works with the Center’s Oceans and Environmental Health Programs, primarily focusing on litigation to protect endangered species, wild places, and communities. Specifically, Amanda has challenged a freeway project that would adversely impact low-income and minority communities, wildlife areas, and air quality, and worked to protect animal species after an oil spill. To learn more about Amanda’s work, visit the Center for Biological Diversity’s website or read her biography.