Aaron Schuh


Division of Biological Sciences
226 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO  65211

email: asqkb<at>mail.mizzou.edu


Research Interests

I am a biology major and will graduate in May of 2013. I was able to join the Eggert lab in Fall of 2011, and have been working with Sheena on the hellbender project since January 2012. Currently, I am exploring sex-biased dispersal in hellbenders using mitochondrial and nuclear DNA extracted from tissue. I have learned a lot about conservation genetics and I enjoy spending time with the people in lab. My professional interests include medicine and healthcare, so I plan to attend medical school in the Fall of 2013.

I am currently pursuing a B.S. in Biological Sciences and plan to graduate spring 2012.  In the future, I plan on continuing my research of the life sciences in graduate school and earn a Ph.D. in Biology.