Jacob receives TWA Scholarship

We’re proud to announce that Jacob Burkhart was the recipient of the annual TWA scholarship from the University of Missouri to fund his ongoing research on ringed salamanders, an endemic Ozark amphibian species that is of conservation concern.

“The TWA scholarship fund was established to fund students who are performing research in areas which will impact environmental issues.  Students [are] selected based on academic accomplishments as well as their research interests.” – University of Missouri System

Jacob’s research investigates the source-sink metapopulation dynamics of Ambystoma annulatum (an Ozark endemic species and species of concern in Missouri) and Ambystoma maculatum at Fort Leonard Wood. The goal of his research project is to study pond larval dynamics, juvenile dispersal, source-sink dynamics, and genetic structure to better understand of the distribution and life history of these relatively unstudied species.

Congratulations to Jake and his ongoing research success!