Sigma Xi and Upcoming Meetings

We’re so happy to announce that the Eggert Lab was awarded 2 Sigma Xi Grants this year! Both Kris Budd with her preliminary study on the  “Population Fragmentation of Asian Elephants in Laos” and Chelsea Titus with her project on “Resolving the evolutionary history of Lorisidae (Arctocebus, Loris, Nycticebus, Perodicticus) through morphology, mitochondrial and nuclear DNA and novel candidate genes” were funded by the Sigma Xi grants-in-aid of research this year!

See all recipients of the October 15th cycle of Sigma Xi here. Three Sigma Xi grants came to the University of Missouri this cycle, two from the Eggert Lab!


Chelsea was also accepted to present her previous research findings at the Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol of Missouri, and at the joint meeting of the International Primatological Society and the American Society of Primatologists (IPSAPS) congress in Chicago, Illinois this year!

Continue to check-in for more updates about the lab!