David at EEID 2016

image1 [1399702]Our PREP scholar, David Vasquez Jr., spent June 3rd through the 5th at the Ecology and Evolution of Infections and Disease meeting at Cornell University. The primary themes of this meeting focused around polymicrobial infection and disease, pathogen dynamics within the host, pathogen genomics, evolution and selective constraints, and disease outbreaks on the landscape scale.

David presented a poster on his recent research on a nematode brain worm that infects white-tailed deer found here in Missouri. While still early, the project is already yielding some fascinating preliminary results on native ungulate nematode infections. David had a great time at the conference, made new connections, and looks forward to the 2017 EEID conference in Santa Barbara.

To learn more about David and his ongoing research you can visit his webpage here or follow him on twitter @Vasquez_D93