Congratulations Dr. Burkhart!

Our Senior Lab member, Jacob Burkhart successfully defended his dissertation today and is now DR. Burkhart! Congratulations Jake!

Jake will be continuing on with a Post-Doctoral Program at Fort Leonard Wood.

Landscape Genetics 2018

Special shout out to our Landscape Genetics course that just wrapped up. Our students worked alongside hundreds of researcher via satellite as part of the International Landscape genetics course. Several of our students still have ongoing collaborations with researchers across the nation and we can’t wait to see the research that they produce. Congratulations guys!

Jessica Neal, Joe Gunn, Emily Tracey-Smith, Sarah Clements, Sabrina Michael

Eggert Lab at MNRC

Several of the Eggert Lab members were in attendance at the Missouri Natural Resources Conference in Osage Beach Missouri.

Joe Gunn presented his recent work on the Neosho smallmouth bass. Our visiting scholar from the Missouri Department of Conservation, Chelsea Titus, presented on her work on DNA metabarcoding. Our undergraduate researcher, Molly Garrett, was also in attendance to receive the James D Chambers Memorial Scholarship award from the Missouri Chapter of the Wildlife Society in for her academic excellence.

“The Missouri Natural Resources Conference (MNRC) is an annual meeting organized and sponsored by the Missouri Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, The Missouri Chapter of the Society of American Foresters, Missouri Chapter of the Wildlife Society and the Show-Me Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. This unique blend of disciplines, represented by the four societies, promotes wise use and management of Missouri’s natural resources.

Each year the conference hosts approximately 1,000 established and aspiring natural resource professionals who meet to exchange information and ideas and encourage continued cooperation among resource professionals, agencies, and other natural resource stakeholders. Cooperating agencies are the Missouri Department of Conservation; University of Missouri, School of Natural Resources; Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit; U.S. Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service”. –MNRC

Annual Door Decoration

Here in the Eggert Lab we enjoy a good holiday door this time of year. This year’s theme is CSI: North Pole. An interactive display to help Santa conduct microsatellite analyses to determine who stole the cookies? Was it Olive, The other Reindeer? Maybe the Coca Cola Polar Bear? Or even the Abominable Snowman? Only the DNA could help solve the crime in this Wildlife Forensic case!